I began graphic design in the early 1980s when I first started airbrushing t-shirts. At some point, I moved to digital graphics - first on the Amiga and now a PC. My design work ranges from business cards to billboards and includes web design and video work.

Over the years, I have done graphics work for customers from as far away as Australia. Specializing in digital photo borders for many years, I have also designed, among other things, business cards, rack cards, flyers, magazine ads, coupons, ID cards, photo booth graphics, vinyl graphics, banners, billboards, apparel graphics, and the list goes on.


I taught myself to code HTML by hand back in the mid '90s. Today, I prefer Joomla CMS and occasionally Dreamweaver or NetObjects Fusion. I have spent about three of the past ten years or so employed as a web designer / administrator. The remaining years I have been self-employed with focus on my graphics work and web design as a secondary focus. I specialize in web sites for small business with emphasis on a clean, functional site. I have designed sites ranging from a basic informational site to sites featuring slideshows and e-commerce.


When a friend introduced me to the new Canon DSLR many years ago, I was hooked! I had always enjoyed photography but digital technology took shooting to the next level. With digital, I could take as many shots as I wanted, delete the garbage, and store the rest. And boy, have I got them stored. Gigs and gigs worth. I have shot hundreds of thousands of images of youth sports including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading, etc, etc.

In the late '90s, a friend and I started shooting the standard team and individual pictures for sports leagues. We branched out to day cares and pageants but didn't really push the business since we both had other jobs. After a decade of shooting, we ended up with a handful of pageants that we shot each year. One of these pageants is the TN state Cinderella Pageant held in Pigeon Forge, TN. This pageant opened the door for us to shoot the International Cinderella Pageant held each summer in Las Vegas, NV.

Most recently I have gotten more involved with the local PCA region and enjoy shooting the events held around the Smoky Mountain Region. Visit the Smoky Mtn Region PCA web site and have a look at some of the event photos.


From basic touch-ups to image extractions, I have done it all. I have lost count the number of times I have replaced eyes, mouths, and heads from one group shot to another so that ALL in the picture have open eyes or a pleasant expression. I have even added items or people into an image (and deleted, too) to come up with a realistic looking family or group photo. And let's not forget photo compositing where several items are placed together to make a realistic looking photo.


Much of my photo retouch and manipulation experience comes from the literally hundreds of custom posters for youth sports I have designed over the years. Recently, I teamed up with US129 Photos to supply their customers with custom posters of their vehicles captured while driving on The Dragon. View some sample posters here.


I have designed the artwork for the awards, dash plaques and/or event shirts for several VW events over the years including Alabama Bug Jam, Athens VW Poker Run*, Circle Yer 'Wagens, Gatlinburg VW Expo, Hippie Days VW Road Rally, Knoxville VW Expo, Pigeon Forge VW Show, and the Southeastern Bug Fair Show & Swap. In addition, I have designed both shirt graphics and custom posters for the annual Mid US Ramble 914 event. Occasionally, I create a shirt design geared towards Porsche 914 owners and sell them to fellow teeners via forums on the internet. This past year I have created a few shirt designs for a local private school's cheer squad.


My video experience is limited to consumer level shooting mixed with editing in Premier and other video software. I enjoy the creative process of putting together various clips combined with photos, text and music.